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EverQuest 2: Chaos Descending Launches & Here's the Trailer

Suzie Ford Posted:
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EverQuest 2: Chaos Descending Launches & Here's the Trailer

It's launch day for the latest EverQuest II expansion, Chaos Descending. To celebrate today's launch, developers have sent out a brand new trailer.

Players will embark on a journey to the Elemental Planes of Order, though they have been thrown into chaos. "Norrathians will soon find themselves thrust in the middle of a mystery of Celestial proportions as they return to the Planes of Power intent on restoring balance to the planes of Fire, Water, Air and Earth". 

Be sure to swing over to Paul Eno's review of Chaos Descending and see why he says, "The new zones are lovely, especially considering the engine that the visuals are run on. The story was intriguing and at times amusing, and as is often the case with MMORPGs you often lose sight of the main goal due to all of the splintering side missions and events you are required to experience in order to accomplish the main goal."


Suzie Ford

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