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EVE Online's Newest Quadrant, Reign, Brings Updates To Fleets, Travel And More

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EVE Online's Newest Quadrant, Reign, Brings Updates To Fleets, Travel And More

EVE Online's next major quadrant update, titled Reign, begins today, bringing with it changes to fleets and travel. Additionally, the new quadrant will also bring back old events such as the Guardian's Gala and The Hunt.

One of the major with Reign are the changes to the jump tunnel animations, now properly reflecting the regions you are traveling between. Additionally, there are updates as to how your home station is represented on EVE's in-game map - something that requires expert knowledge and an Astrolabe to navigate sometimes - as well as removing the price it costs to move your home station.

Fleet Discovery is also coming with this quadrant, bringing it the ability to better create fleets that match the skill level, goals and interests of the pilots involved. 

Reign also brings multiple events back to EVE Online, such as the Guardian's Gala, bringing ship skins, skill point boosters and more to the MMO. Whether you participate in the events or not, simply logging in will net you rewards as well, as EVE continues its daily log-in rewards campaign.

Via the press release:

“Following a tumultuous and seismic series of events last year, New Eden is about to enter a time ofreformation and re-armament,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “Our firstQuadrant of the year, Reign, will allow players to prepare for the events ahead, which we can’t talk about just yet!”

Check out the trailer, embedded above, for a glimpse at the new quadrant, which you can dive into today in New Eden.  


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