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EVE Online's Latest Scope Video Details The Gains Of The Amarr Empire, Sets Up Story For Uprising Expansion

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online's Latest Scope Video Details The Gains Of The Amarr Empire, Sets Up Story For Uprising Expansion

Narrative has become one of the major pillars EVE Online developer CCP Games has been pushing for years now, and the last few major updates have proved this out over the years. The story itself continues with the latest Scope video, detailing the gains of the Amarr Empire and the growing concerns of its repurposing abandoned Triglavian technology in New Eden.

Let's back up a minute first. For those who remember, the Triglavian Invasion a few years back saw the introduction of star harvesters that, in time, would help turn a system over to the mysterious collective. Players themselves could influence whether a system was captured by the Triglavians or remained part of known space via siding with a coalition force known as Edencom.

We saw battles that influenced major changes to the very make-up of New Eden, most notably in the Fall of Niarja and how it turned into a mini-proxy war during the height of World War Bee 2, but the actions of players also left a key piece in play years ago that is coming to the forefront now in 2022.

A system in Amarr space was made safe for Edencom, but in doing so the Triglavians left an abandoned star harvester in the system. Fast forward to now as factional warfare and frontlines across New Eden are being pushed back and forth by the players in the lead-up to Uprising, the next EVE Online expansion, and you've got Amarr utilizing prototype version of repurposed Triglavian technology against their rivals, the Minmatar. 

As The Scope (an in-universe newscast made by the developers to help set the stage for the developments in EVE Online) reports, there are growing concerns among the various NPC empires in response to the Amarr deployment of these prototype "stellar transmuters." As such, Amarr players are pushing into Minmatar space, capturing territory which is being used to deploy these transmuters, while a race among the various empires has erupted to capture Triglavian tech found on a planet called Athounon V. 

Meanwhile, the other two major empires aren't being left out in the cold, with tensions along the Caldari and Gallente frontlines also heating up. These tensions haven't intensified since the uncovering of a massive spy ring, allegedly supported by the Gallente, against the Caldari. 

If you're following the drama in EVE Online, or even taking part in it through the current factional warfare action going on in the MMO, the Scope video today helps to set the stage for what is to come with EVE Online's first expansion since the Invasion itself in 2019. And, it probably isn't a coincidence that this was dropped today, the first day of the major player gathering of EVE Vegas, which while not an official event being put on by CCP Games anymore still has a few developers here to talk internet spaceships with fans.


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