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EVE Online's Capsuleers Will Hunt For Hidden Stargates In New Operation Event, Epiphany

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online's Capsuleers Will Hunt For Hidden Stargates In New Operation Event,  Epiphany

The latest update to EVE Online's universe, a narrative event titled 'Epiphany,' will see its players hunt for hidden stargates around New Eden, all leading up to the reveal of the next expansion.

The new Operation, previously known as Arcs, kicks off with players being introduced to The Deathless, a pirate who tasks capsuleers with finding concealed stargates so far unknown to the current Empires in New Eden. These stargates, when found, will usher in a new era in EVE Online as it will open up uncharted space for players to explore.

There's also a prize for becoming world first here, as CCP Games states that the first player to find all these hidden stargates will be rewarded with 50 billion ISK, as well "have their names etched into EVE Online's history." 

"Capsuleers are the lifeblood of EVE Online. We are constantly pushing the boundary with what’s possible in how much freedom and control we give our players over its vast universe. Through EVE Operations, Capsuleers affect more than gameplay; they affect the story and become the driving force of change in New Eden," says Bergur Finnbogason, Creative Director at CCP Games,eve online in a press release. "There are few things more exciting than finding an unexplored section of space in New Eden. Its untouched resources and unclaimed territory are there for the taking for those who are brave enough to solve ‘Epiphany’’s’ mysteries. Our players love a challenge, and this is right up their alley.”

The Operation will lead into the upcoming expansion at some point later this year as EVE Online aims to tell the tale of its capsuleers well into the third decade. EVE Online's Operations put control into players' hands as the outcome of these operations can shape the narrative in the universe, both those that the players weave themselves as well as how it impacts the various NPC empires occupying New Eden with them.

EVE Online's Viridian expansion launched earlier this summer, putting more control into the hands of players, especially those leading corporations. Additionally, EVE Online's Microsoft Excel integration went live as well, putting more data into the hands of players, especially smaller corporations who couldn't afford to build out their own systems and so on. It all is leading to the big EVE Fanfest 2023 event happening next month in Reykjavik, Iceland, which will celebrate 20 years of the monumental MMO.


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