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EVE Online Talks Upcoming Mining Addition To New Player Experience In Latest Pulse Video

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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EVE Online Talks Upcoming Mining Addition To New Player Experience In Latest Pulse Video

EVE Online's latest Pulse, CCP Games takes a look at the upcoming changes being brought to the New Player Experience, specifically the new mining tutorial.

The new-look Pulse video, which "takes place" in the heart of one of New Eden's most trafficked stations, Jita 4-4, introduces briefly the new mining tutorial being brought to the NPE. CCP Games has been looking for ways to improve the New Player Experience as a way to increase player retention. Currently the NPE only has a real basic combat tutorial, as well as tutorials to help players fit ships, navigate and learn about death in New Eden. However, making money is...well...important in EVE Online.

This is where mining comes into play, and the new tutorial will get new players started on the path to becoming a titan of industry, or at least learn how to make some cash on the side to fund exploration and more. In addition to the new mining tutorial, a new industry video has also been added to EVE Academy, giving some more insight into the activity.

You can check out the new video in the embed above. Recently, we had the chance to talk to CCP Games about some changes to how updates will be delivered, as well as the road to this year's EVE Fanfest, which takes place this May in Reykjavik after four years away.


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