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EVE Online Showcases the Game for a 2019 Audience

Suzie Ford Posted:
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EVE Online Showcases the Game for a 2019 Audience

CCP Games has released a brand new EVE Online trailer for a 2019 audience. The video showcases tons of in-game content, the updated graphics, highlights the free to play aspects, massive battles and much more. EVE fan or not, this one's impressive. Check it out!

Official gameplay video and introduction for EVE Online. Download and play for free, immersing yourself in the biggest single shard spaceship MMO of all time!

Experience space exploration, immense PvP and PvE battles, multiple professions and activities, as well as a thriving player economy. The ever-expanding sandbox of EVE allows you to choose your own unique space adventure from countless options.


Suzie Ford

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