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EVE Online Players Break Records With Largest PVP Battle In Gaming History

Two records, actually

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EVE Online Players Break Records With Largest PVP Battle In Gaming History

Earlier this week a major battle in World War Bee 2, the ongoing player war in EVE Online, ravaged the FWST-8 system. Attacking a Keepstar that PAPI was trying to establish, Imperium and Goonswarm prevented this from happening in what ended up being the largest battle in MMO, and video game, history.

Numbers from the battle have been calculated, and according to CCP the largest battle in history, being dubbed the "Fury at FWST-8" included 8,825 players, with the highest concurrent peak player count being 6557 capsuleers. Previous records were 7548 players and 6142 players, respectively. 

CCP Games has reached out to the Guinness World Records to certify these new records, replacing the old records EVE Online currently holds as well.

A new Scope video was released to commemorate the accomplishment, detailing the battle which saw over 1.443 Trillion ISK (about $18K in real currency) lost, as well as the Keepstar PAPI was attemptig to establish destroyed. While Imperium and their Goonswarm allies got victory, this doesn't mean PAPI will stop attempting to gain a powerful stronghold in enemy space - more battles could defiitely be coming soon. 


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