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EVE Online Celebrates Anniversary Of Pochven With New Scope Video

Triglavian Invasion's effects still going strong

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online Celebrates Anniversary Of Pochven With New Scope Video

EVE Online the last few years has been a world of active war. And while that's true the majority of the time, this felt different with both a large-scale player war waging alongside a PvE invasion by the Triglavian Collective. And the last effects of that war, namely the new region of Pochven, are still being felt in New Eden.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the new Triglavian region being added to the MMO, EVE Online developer CCP Games has released a new video of The Scope, a series of videos told as news broadcasts within the game universe. A new monument to EDENCOM, the coalition of players that waged against the Triglavians themselves, was unveiled in Yulai according to The Scope, as well as a fairly enigmatic statement by in-universe Triglavian collaborator Seriatim Foucault, which is definitely worth a watch.

Pochven is a region made up of 27 individual systems that fell under Totality by the Triglavians during the year-long Invasion that engulfed EVE Online, and even drew in the interest of the warring alliances during the early stages of World War Bee 2. One system in particular, Niarja, was of great importance to EDENCOM players to keep out of Triglav hands as it helped connect one of the busiest trade routes in New Eden. However, what amounted to a proxy war occured in the region with the great alliances throwing their weight behind either EDENCOM or Triglavians, ultimately causing the system to fall into Triglav hands. 

You can check out the full video in the embed above.


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