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EVE FanFest 2023 - EVE Online's Next Expansion, Havoc, Lets You Team Up With Pirates On November 14th

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EVE FanFest 2023 - EVE Online's Next Expansion, Havoc, Lets You Team Up With Pirates On November 14th

EVE Online's second expansion of 2023, Havoc, goes live in November, continuing the story from August's Epiphany update. The new expansion allows players to team up with Pirate factions, Angel Cartel and Guristas, to corrupt the fabric of New Eden.

Havoc, which releases on November 14th, lets players explore a new system, Zarzakh, run by the mysterious figure, the Deathless. The Angel Cartel and Guristas have grabbed a foothold in the system, and players can finally team up with them to help influence the fabric of New Eden.

Havoc itself builds upon the work established by the previous two expansions, Uprising and Viridian, adding more ways for players to influence the events of New Eden, as well as work together towards a common goal - whether it be to continue to build up the four main Empires of EVE, or shake the galaxy to its foundations by spreading corruption.

Via this morning's press release:

"Players will need to make a choice: where do their allegiances lie? Will they defend tradition or wreak havoc in the warzone? By enlisting with pirate factions and corrupting star systems in insurgency zones, players will be rewarded and unlock access to special faction-aligned storefronts. Alternatively, those who seek to protect the empires will be able to engage in anti-pirate activity, stemming the flow of corruption and suppressing pirate efforts."

The expansion also brings five new pirate vessels - two new destroyers, two battlecruisers, and, finally, the Angel cartel Titan class vessel.

Improving upon the work done with Viridian, which was released earlier this year, Corporation Projects are being reworked and improved to provide much more functionality for corporation leaders. Corporations will also be getting a new Corporation Project Manager role, as well as new project types to play with.


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