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EVE Echoes Releases Their First Major Content Update - Indomitable

EVE Echoes Update Indomitable is Here.... here... here....

Steven Weber Posted:
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EVE Echoes Releases Their First Major Content Update - Indomitable

EVE Echoes, the spacefaring mobile MMO by NetEase and CCP Games have released their first major expansion titled Indomitable. The team has also released a launch trailer that outlines the features that players can expect.

The Indomitable update intends to bring more intense battles in nullsec space by adding territorial claim units, corporations’ stations, and player-owned stations that will allow players to control these nullsec areas. A new time dilation system has also been added that will provide a much-improved gameplay experience during the large-scale battles that EVE is well known for.

Indomitable is just the first expansion of many to come, as EVE Echoes producer ensures more expansions are on their way:

“Another expansion will be coming soon.Now we’re working on updating the system to support more than 500 pilots in one system. In the future, we will add more content, including more corporation structures, new citadel skins, and increase the resource output of nullsec areas.”

EVE Echoes producer Su Wei

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