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Eternal Chasm Raid Opens in 5 or 10 Player Modes

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Eternal Chasm Raid Opens in 5 or 10 Player Modes

High level Revelation Online players can now enter a brand new raid called the Eternal Chasm. According to My.com, it is a twisting labyrinth that features a "record setting number of bosses, including more than a few secret ones. Players can earn new gear sets and even a Flameborn Tyrant mount.

The raid comes in three versions:

  • 5-player level 79
  • 10-player level 79
  • 10-player level 79 legendary 

Players can expect the following bosses and more:

  • Stygian Siren: Haunting a long-forgotten ghost ship, the Stygian Siren is longing to seduce everyone who dares to go aboard.
  • Lightning Kirin: This magic dragon uses lightning powers to electrocute its enemies within seconds.
  • The Three Gatekeepers: If you want to descend deeper into the chasm, you have to put an end to these towering elementals that are forged of Steel, Fire, and Earth!
  • Flameborn Tyrant: Are you ready to taste some flames? This fiery beast won't go down easily. But once it does, it may serve you as a loyal mount.
  • Ravenous Wretch: This poisonous giant resides in the swamps of the Eternal Chasm and is swift to anger. Beware of nature's wrath and be sure to bring a proper antidote!
  • Devouring Dragon: Watch your step - this creature does exactly as its name suggests: it swallows you up.
  • Ice Queen: Frozen Onslaught, Ice Shrapnel, and Sword of Ice are just some of her abilities. If you don't want to end up as a frozen statue, you better end her reign!


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