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Embers Adrift Wants You to Beware of 'The Threat of Grimstone' in New Update Trailer

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Embers Adrift Wants You to Beware of 'The Threat of Grimstone' in New Update Trailer

Stormhaven Studios, the plucky indie studio behind Embers Adrift, has just released a brand new trailer for the next update headed to the game, The Threat of Grimstone. With a series of major content updates already under its belt, and some new pricing on the way the team is adamant that the game will continue to evolve and grow to satisfy their players.

With its latest update, Embers Adrift is introducing a large overland region for mid to high-level players starting at level 30, called Grimstone Canyon. In addition to the new region, the game is also adding eight new “long-form” quests for players to explore. These quests will be available for a variety of level ranges, and will include such titles as "Runty's Revenge," "The Hunt," and "Fight for the Freehold."

To make the game even more user-friendly, the social window UI has been improved, along with filtering options for guilds, friends, and LFG lists. The in-game chat functionality has also been improved to support non-English characters, which is sure to make the game more accessible to a wider audience. The team has also added a series of new ability improvements, which will be available as rare drops in a few select zones.

Embers Adrift is also addressing one of the most common player complaints by increasing storage space in both the shared bank and personal stash, which will make it easier for players to keep track of their items and gear.

Other features in the upcoming patch include a merchant buyback system, new monsters like the Slagjacks, Redmanes, and Stonecoats, and performance updates that will improve the overall gameplay experience. Lastly the team has added dueling to its feature list, so if you’re a competitive player looking to see whose sword is bigger, this will likely be a welcome addition for you.

The Threat of Grimstone patch is shaping up to be a substantial step forward for Embers Adrift. Fans of the game have a lot to look forward to, and with all of these new features and improvements, alongside the reduced pricing, it might be time to hop in and give the game a try if you haven’t tried it yet. The Grimstone update releases on February 28th.


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