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Embers Adrift Drops Story Trailer to Bring Players Up to Speed on Newhaven Ahead of Launch

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Embers Adrift Drops Story Trailer to Bring Players Up to Speed on Newhaven Ahead of Launch

Launch for Embers Adrift is only a few short days away, and if you’re looking forward to the getting into this new indie PvE Group-Based MMORPG, then you may want to know the story behind the game. Luckily, Stormhaven Studios has provided a story trailer that intends to answer many of your questions when it comes to the general story aspects of your time in Newhaven.

If you’re just jumping into Embers Adrift for the first time on launch, then you may have several questions about the world you intend to inhabit. In Embers Adrift players will be introduced to a world filled with a wild magic known as Ember. Apparently, the Ember has taken hold throughout the world and has changed the flora and fauna. Players will learn secrets of an ancient society that was able to mold the Ember to their will, but what has become of them?

The story trailer depicts a vast wildland filled with gigantic monsters and dangerous dungeons. With 9 classes that fall within their respective holy-trinity categories and several gathering and crafting professions, players should have a lot of options as to how they want to build their character. The game has been advertised as having been heavily influenced by Tabletop RPG’s, which is shown in their ideology that the majority of the gameplay should revolve around PvE encounters built for groups. While solo play is possible, the games intention is to bring players together for challenging environmental content, in groups of up to 6 players. Although the game is primarily PvE oriented, the team has stated that players can expect arenas and duels, but the class system is built upon team play and will not be balanced for PvP.

Are you looking forward to jumping into Embers Adrift? The game will go live October 15th, 2022, and is available for preorder on the Embers Adrift website now.


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