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Elyon Pre-Launch Live Streaming Week Begins This Sunday

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Elyon Pre-Launch Live Streaming Week Begins This Sunday

The launch of Elyon is getting closer and closer, and with the game's head start set to go live this Sunday, October 17th, the Kakao Games team will be hosting several days of Twitch streams in the run up to the full launch.

Elyon's stream will begin at noon Eastern/ 9am Pacific this Sunday on the Kakao Games Twitch channel, which will also see the head start go live. If you preordered the game during its previous life as an intended paid release or purchased any of the pre-release bonus packages, you'll be able to get started on Sunday as well, but for those who want more of a peek in on what to expect, they can tune in, since these streams will take place through Thursday, October 21st, covering the official full launch on the 20th as well.

So what can you expect from the streams? Well, the team promises to take everyone through the game and show off content throughout. Since you can grab a  game package anytime during head start and start playing, if you're curious but want to see more first, this is a good opportunity to do just that. If you do have an account on the Elyon site, you will also have access to Twitch Drops, so you may be able to claim those via this special streaming week too. 

Elyon’s full release will unlock on October 20th at noon UTC / 8am Eastern time, so you’ve still got plenty of time to prepare, consider a pre-release package, or just get ready to enjoy an early peek into what’s waiting for you.


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