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Elsword's Ain Gets a 3rd Job

William Murphy Posted:
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Elsword's Ain Gets a 3rd Job

Elsword is about to be updated again, this time Ain is getting his 3rd job - Lofty: Wanderer/Apostasia - Due to hit the live game on February 22nd. Forsaken by the Goddess, The Seed of Chaos has been Planted More at Elsword's official site

Who is Ain? Being an agent of God who received the mission to restore the El, Ain wields the God's power granted by Goddess Ishmael, the two abilities of "Circular Magic", Cycle and Creation. It provides infinite possibilities more than anyone else. With Cycle magic, Ain is able to harness and manipulate the El Dain in the surrounding El and use it to create different elemental attacks. With Creation magic, Ain is able to create a vast array of projected weapons to his disposal.


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