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Elite Dangerous Odyssey PC Alpha Launches on March 29

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Elite Dangerous Odyssey PC Alpha Launches on March 29

The PC alpha for Elite: Dangerous Odyssey is set to land on March 29. Here are the details.

Frontier announced earlier today the date for when PC gamers can expect to check out the latest expansion for space-trucking/exploration/combat game, Elite: Dangerous. There’s a video to boot, embedded above.

The video shows off three commanders who are tasked with disabling power to leave the enemies powerless. You’ll note that these commanders are kitted out based on their role. They can choose from a selection of space suits, weapons, and other equipment which will be made available in Odyssey.

Odyssey will provide players their first opportunity for on-ground gameplay. The goal is create a sense of true scale while traversing planets on the ground-level while keeping that epic, light-years-long scale above.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey releases on PC in late spring 2021. If you’re on PS4 or Xbox One, you can expect to play Odyssey this Fall. If you want, you can preorder on PC to get access to the alpha on Steam, the Epic Games Store and the Frontier Store.


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