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Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Coming by Year's End

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Coming by Year's End

Elite Dangerous fans gathered over the past weekend and were told about some cool things coming to the game before the year's end. Most notably, players can look forward to Fleet Carriers, mobile bases that can be moved between sectors and used to resupply captains with fuel and weapons. Not much else was said, but developers have promised more information in the coming months.

In September, new pilots will find a bit smoother experience with the arrival of a new starter area that will provide detailed information about piloting ships, navigation, and combat. 

Players will also have a new premium currency that can both be earned in game or purchased with real-world money. Called "Arx," the currency can be used to purchase paint jobs, ship modification kits, and cockpit bobbleheads.

Learn more on the Elite: Dangerous site.


Suzie Ford

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