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EG7's Co-Founder Provides A Community Update, Talking About What EG7 Daybreak Acquisition Means

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EG7's Co-Founder Provides A Community Update, Talking About What EG7 Daybreak Acquisition Means

Enad Global 7's CEO and Founder, Robin Flodin, took to both YouTube as well as Daybreak Game Company's website to give players insight as to how the acquisition of the MMO developer worked and just who EG7 is actually.

In case you need a refresher, it was announced back in December of last year that Daybreak Game Company was acquired by Swedish investment company Enad Global 7 in a deal worth $300 million. In the aftermath of the acquisition we learned a lot about Daybreak itself, such as the subscriber and monthly active user numbers for titles such as The Lord of the Rings Online and DC Universe Online, as well as a peak into some of the plans for these games moving forward. 

In the update today, Flodin talked about his background coming from game development and what exactly EG7's purchase really means for a company like Daybreak in the long haul as part of the company now.

"Most people know, 'Okay - EG7 bought Daybreak,' but what does that actually mean? Well, EG7 is really sort of an investment cmpany. You can see us as, you know we have a management layer of people that focuses on video game companies. We're buying these companies, adding them into a group of companies where there are several both studios and publiching and marketing, and then we are trying to make these companies better."

One way Flodin says they are working towards making these companies better under EG7 is through supporting them with more resources, investing in the companies and helping them leverage the IP they bring with them in different ways. In the letter on the Daybreak website, Flodin assures fans of these games that Daybreak and its games are a "priority" for EG7.

"I want to assure you that this effort is a priority for me, EG7, and Daybreak. We have been listening to the community feedback and to all of your questions and concerns. This is an ongoing effort and as we make progress, the goal is to develop specific plans to create an even better game experience for all of our players. Just know that all of us -- our community, Daybreak and EG7 -- are fully aligned and committed, and we all want to improve."

Flodin talks about how their initial plan is to "identify some of the most pressing pain points" brought up by the community and "taking immediate action." However, he admits that these kinds of changes and improvements don't happen overnight.

Flodin says in the video that the approach really comes from the initial vision he and the other founders had when building EG7, which is trying to "balance making sure developers are incetivized," how the community of these games are treated, but also ensuring that they are providing a vehicle for investors, especially given that EG7 is a publicly-traded company.

It's a very interesting video and provides some good insight into what exactly has been going on at EG7 since all of the acquisitions were made at the end of 2020, as well as what the future might hold for Daybreak and its various games. It's a little over 14 minutes long, so get comfortable, but it's a good step in the right direction for those worried about what this might mean. You can also check out the written post on the Daybreak website.


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