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E3 2021: Blankos Block Party Announces Early Access, Collaborations with Deadmau5, Burberry and More

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E3 2021: Blankos Block Party Announces Early Access, Collaborations with Deadmau5, Burberry and More

Party people, raise those hands if you like vinyl toys! In Mythical Games’ keynote E3 presentation, details on the ongoing development of Blankos Block Party were divulged along with some upcoming collaborations which include premiere clothing company Burberry, influential musician Deadmau5, stylish brand The Marathon Clothing, and a slew of exceptional artists.

For those unfamiliar with Blankos Block Party, it features an abstract open world that players can roam around in, gives players the ability to create user generated content that players can compete in, and allows players to purchase unique vinyl toy figures from many big-name artists. The digital vinyl toys known as Blankos are non-fungible tokens that reside on a blockchain. What does that mean for gamers? It means that you own your figures, and can choose to keep them on their virtual shelves, play with them, or sell them either on the Mythical Marketplace, or even on a third-party market like Opensea.

You are playing, building, collecting, but then outside of that, you’re also upgrading, and selling. You don’t need to understand NFT’s of blockchain at all to play Blankos Block Party. All you need to know is how to play a game, and we teach you that.

-Justin Kruger, Community Manager, Blankos Block Party, Mythical Games

Blankos Block Party recently saw some tremendous success with the popularity of one of its latest Blankos, Kitsune, a limited-quantity figure that sold out in less than two minutes, and then proceeded to sell on the Mythical Marketplace for double what it was bought for. A series of new partnerships were revealed, with artists such as Michael Lau, Quiccs, El Grand Chamaco, Hackato, and Thomas Han, all of which will bring new rare Blankos to the game in the near future.

In addition to all the new features and Blankos headed into the game, the team at Mythical announced that Blankos Block Party has left Open Beta as part of their Early Access soft-launch earlier this month, and has now transitioned into Early Access proper. The game can be downloaded on PC and played, for free, from the official Blankos Block Party site, now. With all of these awesome new figures and features headed to the game, it's no wonder Blankos Block Party was on our list of 5 Blockchain MMO's to watch this year.


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