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Dungeons & Dragons Come to Dead by Daylight with Vecna the Lich

Casey Bell Posted:
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Dungeons & Dragons Come to Dead by Daylight with Vecna the Lich

Dungeons & Dragons has arrived in Dead by Daylight with a new Killer and Survivor for players to choose from.

The new Killer is Forgotten Realms’ arch-villain, the lich, Vecna.  Vecna is voiced by Critical Role DM Matthew Mercer. On the other side, is the Survivor Aestri Yazar, a Bard.

Vecna’s abilities include:

  • Flight of the Damned – Casting this spell conjures five flying spectres that rush out in a cone, phasing through obstacles and dealing damage to any Survivors in their path.
  • Fly – Vecna can take off from the ground and dash forward through a single Pallet or Vault.
  • Mage Hand – A familiar spell to D&D fans, Vecna can materialize a phantasmic hand able to tag nearby Pallets. Lowered Pallets will be raised and raised Pallets will be disabled from use for a few seconds.
  • Dispelling Sphere – Vecna players can cast an invisible sphere that will mark any players that contact it, revealing their location, and disabling their Magical Items.

Aestri Yazar’s abilities are:

  • Mirrored Illusion – This creates a static double of the Bard in front of a Totem, Chest, Generator, or Exit Gate for a short amount of time before disappearing.
  • Bardic Inspiration – This allows the Bard player to buff their allies with a captivating performance. It requires the Bard to stand still to cast, but when completed, grants nearby party members a temporary boost to Skill Checks.
  • Still Sight – If the Bard remains still for a time, this ability will automatically activate and highlight the aura of the Killer and any nearby Generators and Chests.

This latest chapter brings even more D&D flavor to the game than just the new characters. Dice rolling is an actual mechanic in the chapter content. Players will go dungeon crawling and dice rolls will determine whats contained in chests and even the results of the Bard's Bardic Inspiration. 

There’s plenty more in the Dead by Daylight Dungeons & Dragons chapter. Learn more here.


Casey Bell