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Dubbed Opening Cinematic + Q1 2018 Beta Chance Revealed

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Dubbed Opening Cinematic + Q1 2018 Beta Chance Revealed

If Ascent: Infinite Realm is on your radar as a game that you're looking forward to playing, you'll be cheered to note that the first beta event is planned for Q1 2018. The team is working with Bluehole to "sync the information from the Korean CBT" to ensure the best possible experience for Western players. If you'd like a chance, however small it is, to be included in the first event, simply sign up for the newsletter.

From the forum post:

We understand that waiting for games to be ported from one region to another can be very frustrating; we hope to alleviate this by supplying information, reading your feedback and continuing the discussions. The Korean CBT will be managed by the Korean Publisher, the feedback they collect is region specific, due to this we will be blocking discussions of how to gain illicit accounts for other regions. We will be collecting your feedback on our official channels for the NA & EU Region. We ask that you do not discuss methods to access the Korean CBT, and instead focus on the content that is shown from it, give us your feedback and let us communicate it to the developers at Bluehole. Your enthusiasm has been contagious, everyone on the A:IR Team is excited to bring this information to you, and your patience is greatly appreciated. 

What are you waiting for!? Head to the Ascent: Infinite Realm site to sign up and learn more.

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