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Dual Universe Gets New PVP Trailer

Voxel Space Combat has never looked so good!

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Dual Universe Gets New PVP Trailer

The sci-fi MMORPG Dual Universe has released a brand new PVP trailer today that showcases the depth and scale of space combat.

The trailer delivers never-before-seen footage of a large scale battle featuring player-made ships and even Battleship crews. The trailer also showcases Dual Universe's real-time voxel damage and shows how ships sustain damage depending on the flow of battle.

From the press briefing: “With Dual Universe’s PvP, we have tried to do something really unique and innovative, leveraging the potential of our voxel engine, and first-person immersion inside potentially very large ships,” said CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie. “Fans will have to rely on both their design  and combat skill in order to stake a claim for themselves in battle. It’s all about strategy and planning, teamwork and coordination, just like real life, large-scale naval battles.”

For more on Dual Universe, you can read about why the developers decided to remain PC exclusive, and take a look at how they've redesigned Planets and the UI. The public Beta release is still expected to launch this Summer, despite the developers working from home, but if you can't wait to play you can purchase a pledge pack to get access into the Alpha right now.


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