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Dream of eSports Greatness? Check Out the Path to Pro 2018

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Dream of eSports Greatness? Check Out the Path to Pro 2018

The Overwatch team has posted a new video to provide aspiring eSports stars with the "Path to Pro 2018". The new system features several components including the Contenders, the Open Division and Contender Trials.

Next year Overwatch esports will offer competitive players even more chances to shine. Introducing the Overwatch Path to Pro, a system for 2018 that will provide a path for players of all skill levels to grow as competitors and as teammates. Please find an overview below: OVERWATCH CONTENDERS Beginning in March, Overwatch Contenders will expand beyond North America and Europe, taking place in a total of seven regions with three seasons a year.

  • Embracing Existing Regional Leagues – Overwatch APEX, Overwatch Premier Series, and the Overwatch Pacific Championship will become Contenders Korea, Contenders China, and Contenders Pacific, respectively.
  • Brand-New Regions – Australia and South America will be added.


  • Overwatch Open Division returns in January in the same seven regions as Contenders.


  • Starting in February, the top four Open Division teams from each region will be invited to compete in that region’s Contenders Trials, an eight-team promotion-relegation tournament for Overwatch Contenders.

You can learn more on the Overwatch site.


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