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Diablo Rework Spotlight - He's Getting More Control

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Diablo Rework Spotlight - He's Getting More Control

The latest Heroes of the Storm rework is coming to everyone's favorite Lord of Terror: Diablo. In a new video put out on the HotS YouTube channel, developers give viewers a peek at how they are giving the Prime Evil more control over his abilities.

For instance, Diablo's Firestomp will be changing to a cone with more damage inflicted per fireball. Going out, the flames shoot through enemies like a shotgun. On the return, they deal 3x more damage. He will also heal for a percentage of all the Hero damage dealt using the ability.

Shadow Charge will add a burst of speed rather than armor. He's got a couple of new skills, one that will give him more souls to collect when he Shadow Charges an enemy into terrain. Once his souls are filled, his armor and damage increase "substantially". 

Check it out and then head to the Heroes of the Storm site to learn more about Diablo.


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