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Devs Talk AntiCheat, Crafting, NPE, PvE & More Patch!

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Devs Talk AntiCheat, Crafting, NPE, PvE & More Patch!

Developers have published a brand new video to talk about the latest patch for Darkfall: Rise of Agon. The video takes viewers on a visual walk of the new player tutorial as well as changes to PvE and champions. In addition, the new anti-cheat software is profiled along with crafting and much more.

The world of Agon is a massive, seamless open-world sandbox MMO with no instances, spanning 46 kilometers diagonally and 33 kilometers across. Traverse through any forest, over any mountain or through any jungle without going through a loading screen. In Darkfall: Rise of Agon you are free to travel throughout the entire lands of Agon by foot, on mount or even by sea with various vessels at your disposal. Search for hidden dungeons and treasures, fight formidable foes in ruins or out in fields, or hunt your enemies behind their city walls.

You can read the entire patch notes -- and there's a LOT to see -- on the Darkfall: Rise of Agon site.


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