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Developer Update: July 11th 2018

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Developer Update: July 11th 2018

Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate is back with the latest Developer Update for the game. Neate begins with a discussion of the latest build that was deployed earlier today and contains some stability fixes, eliminated a cannonball knockback that could injure a player's own crew and more. In addition, a new Bilge Rat Adventure called the Sunken Curse has been added that "is intended to get you to explore underwater". 

During Sunken Curse, players will see cursed mermaid statues where they have spawned in the world near sunken reefs and islands. Players and their crew will need to work cooperatively to destroy the statues before they regenerate if not taken down quickly enough. Statues have different strength modifiers, so players will have to determine how best to take them out as fast as possible.

Other components of the update:

  • Sunken Items that include "artifacts, skulls and treasure chests" hidden underwater
  • Wailing Barnacle Cosmetics - Hat, Dress and Jacket are all included in the Bilge Rat shop and are limited time items
  • Bilge Rat Titles
  • Bilge Rat Doubloons
  • Bilge Rat Flag
  • The Wailing Barnacle Tattoo Set - Now available in the clothing shop on all Outposts, this tattoo set is purchasable with gold and here to stay!
  • Legendary Skeleton Exploder Title - We heard feedback from our community that Legendary Commendations are deserving of a Legendary Title, so we have now introduced the 'Legendary Skeleton Exploder' Title. Existing players who have met the criteria can grab it in the Bilge Rat shop for free. If players unlock the Legendary Commendations required for Gunpowder Skeletons in the future, they will automatically be awarded this Title.
  • Loading Screens - These now give players information about the latest goings-on and what's new in Sea of Thieves.
  • Front End Animations - Pirate animations have been updated when entering the game through the front end.
  • UI Update - A small banner is shown on Commendations within the Bilge Rat progress screen when there are Bilge Rat Doubloons to be earned.

Check out the full update notes on the Sea of Thieves site.


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