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Dev Talk - PVP Remastered

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Dev Talk - PVP Remastered

The Skyforge site has been updated with both a blog post and a video developer diary to reveal a large update coming to PvP in the near future. Players can look for significant changes to scaling, rewards and ratings each designed to "make battles between players more interesting".

Players will receive more credits for PvP adventures in addition to "Knowledge of Enemies, equipment of the current generation and even temporary legendary items". Happy Hours will take place several times a day at specific times. During Happy Hour, players will receive higher rewards and a chest for completing a battle.

Rating points will be calculated in a different manner. They can be earned in all PvP adventures, except Lugran Research Base. In average, it will take less rating points to get to the next league. For one, the threshold for the Diamond Cohort will be 400 rating points instead of 650. It means the increased value of each victory.

A new stat will be introduced with the update that can only be unlocked in PvP and applied to any item of jewelry to slightly increase health and damage in Battle of Golems, Battle of Equals and Massive Battles".

Check out the full update post on the Skyforge site.


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