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Deckard Cain Coming to the Nexus!

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Deckard Cain Coming to the Nexus!

During the Heroes of the Storm PAX East panel, it was announced that Deckard Cain is coming to the Nexus!

  • He's a longtime favorite of everyone at Blizzard and on the HotS team
  • The challenge was how a "narrator" would function on the battlefield
  • The magic of the Nexus is that we get to bring them "back to life"
  • He's a set up healer
  • Horadric Cube is a damage spell
  • Stay Awhile & Listen is one heroic ability that causes enemies to fall asleep
  • Lorenado is his second heroic ability - swirls out and pushes enemies away


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