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Dauntless Wild Thunder Update Brings Sub-Classes, New Hunt Pass, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Dauntless Wild Thunder Update Brings Sub-Classes, New Hunt Pass, More

Dauntless is receiving a new update today called Wild Thunder which brings sub-classes, a new Hunt pass, and more.

The Wild Thunder update is bringing about several new additions to Dauntless. The big one is Omnicells, or sub-classes. Omnicells are new craftable gear through which you gain access to various build options. These will let you effectively further specialize your build and playstyle, allowing you to tweak your build for specific encounters.

Heroic Escalation is also new giving you the chance to partake every week. You’ll basically fight variations of behemoths, each with slightly tweaked moves. You can return to these each week for a new challenge.

The new Hunt Pass brings new styles from the Ostian Hinterlands Rangers. You can learn more about the Hunt Pass here. The patch is set to bring several quality of life improvements touching on gameplay, Drask, UI, quests, Hunting Grounds, and cosmetics.

Gameplay improvements include:

  • Gruk-gruks and styxians now properly respect the territory of Behemoths, and will not engage with Slayers in melee with them. But as always, they will be waiting for their moment, lurking from the shadows…
  • Shields visual and sound effects now only play for 3 seconds when shields are applied, instead of persistently as long as you have shields

Meanwhile, UI improvements include:

  • Players can now dye and transmog their armour during matchmaking.
  • Lucky Break menu now focuses on the last item purchased from Lady Luck after purchasing an item.
  • Menu now focuses on the closest item next to the last purchased item on the Store screen after purchasing an item.

Check out the full patch notes here. And if you missed our thoughts on the current Dauntless Echoes of the Future update, you can catch up here.


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