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Customize Your Drillship in Volcanoids' Latest Update

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Customize Your Drillship in Volcanoids' Latest Update

Volcanoids, the steampunk survival shooter currently in in Steam Early Access, has received an update which will allow you to customize your drillships. Read on for details.

If you’re unfamiliar with Volcanoids, it describes itself as survival shooter set in a steampunk environment. You’re dropped off on an island currently being ravaged by volcanic explosions. To survive, you’ll have to take control of your drillship and head underground beneath the volcanoes. You’ll find blueprints for upgrade and more as you work to gather resources and survive.

And that’s where this recent update comes in. Today’s update will allow you to customize your drillship through newly added colors, drill heads, and decals. The press release notes the dev team sent out some custom decals to various content creators. Keep your eyes peeled if you spot them in the wild.

But that’s not all that was added,

“New melee weapons such as the Saw Gauntlet have been added to the game allowing players to get up close and personal with hostile machines. Use your new trusty flashlight tool to light up dark places and find your way through the ash cloud.”

New community-requested drillship devices were also added. This should make your life a tad easier with healing devices, various item dispensers, in addition to turret control systems. Build them all and increase your chances for survival.

You can check out the customization trailer above. And if you want to learn more about Volcanoids and are considering giving it a go, head over to Steam and check it out on Steam Early Access.


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