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Crowfall's Latest ACE Q&A Gives an Overview and Explains the Latest Test Build

Turning Attributes into Attribeauty?

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Crowfall's Latest ACE Q&A Gives an Overview and Explains the Latest Test Build

In the latest Crowfall developer Q&A, the ArtCraft Entertainment team outlines what released in the latest test build. They also go over some feature’s players may not have noticed and expressed appreciation to the those who have spent their time putting in bug reports.

The upcoming release of Update 6.400 will bring about a lot of changes and a full wipe, which will include characters, items and Eternal Kingdoms (though purchases will be reset so they could be reimported). The changes are so significant a wipe is warranted, and the team stated that the 6.400 update has been getting a lot of feedback on the test server.

With 6.400 being the largest update to the game thus far, the stream outlines several QoL features, the team’s outlook on polish vs. new features, and the rebalancing of Attributes. For example, ArtCraft’s rebalancing of Attributes was done so that characters feel more impactful, but it was also built in a way that sets up players to make some tough choices. Creative Director J. Todd Coleman did say that these changes aren’t set in stone, but he also delivers his outlook on the way Attributes should work:

“As you’re putting points into Con vs. Spirit vs Int. vs. whatever else, is it getting to be a hard choice? We kind of figured you would take your primary attribute all the way to max. We expected that will be what 95% of players will do, so the real question comes after that, where are you going to spend the remaining points? Our goal was to make that a hard choice to where you want everything, but you can’t have everything. So that’s where choices and differentiation comes from.

- J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director, ArtCraft Entertainment

The Q&A also answered a number of questions submitted by players on the official forums. The hour-long stream has too much to list here, so if you’re interested in what’s been going on in Crowfall check it out when you can. You may also be interested in the last Crowfall Q&A session in January.


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