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Crowfall March Feature Walkthrough

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Crowfall March Feature Walkthrough

Crowfall Creative Director J. Todd Coleman is on hand for a look at some of the big new features coming to the pre-alpha version of the game.

Players have been testing campaign mode by building structures, claiming territory and taking part in battles for a virtual throne. ArtCraft is ready to ramp up the features by adding real-time scoring mechanics, leaderboards and "a significantly expanded Campaign World".

The campaign will expand to include ten words, "each one procedurally generated" with a unique look and feel. This includes, of course, "adventure zones" packed with enemies of all types to challenge combatants and to build stocks of resources for crafting.

The enhanced siege system will kick off daily to challenge players to defend territory, or even expand it. Building siege machines will be integral, but can only be done through adequate resource management.

With the addition of leaderboards, players will have an "at the fingertips" way to see who is in control of what in order to best plan the next strategic attack.


Suzie Ford

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