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Crimson Desert Gets A Beautiful New Gameplay Trailer, Showcasing Combat, Exploration, And Kittens

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Crimson Desert Gets A Beautiful New Gameplay Trailer, Showcasing Combat, Exploration, And Kittens

Crimson Desert was first shown off in 2020, but we've not seen much from the Pearl Abyss game. The upcoming open-world RPG got a new, expansive trailer at Gamescom's Opening Night Live.

Much different than Pearl Abyss' MMO Black DesertCrimson Desert is an upcoming open-world RPG where players take the role of Kliff. The open world was highlighted in the trailer, showcasing different locales, from meadows and battle encampments to the center of a medieval-inspired town in the world of Pywel. 

We also got to see a bit of actual gameplay, with multiple different combat styles shown, from hand-to-hand combat to a good bit of swordplay.  Crimson Desert also has various side activities, as shown by the trailer, from fishing to arm wrestling. Or maybe explore in a hot air balloon and halo-jump out of it for a bit of skydiving. You can also tame wild horses, pet the dogs and even pick up the cats for those animal lovers out there. You can even climb trees and buildings to get your parkour on it seems.

The trailer also hinted at some of the phenomena that Kliff is investigating, with a black spirit-esque magic floating nearby to help solve puzzles it seems. No details were given on this, but it's interesting to see. (Could be a tie into Black Desert? Let the speculation begin.)

No release date, or even release window, was given, however, for the upcoming game from Pearl Abyss. The RPG is being built on PA's next-gen BlackSpace Engine, using motion capture for combat and animations and bringing incredible fidelity to the game world.

You can check out the full trailer in the embed above. Crimson Desert is set to release on PC and consoles.


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