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Conquerors Blade Expansion: Blood of the Empire, Arrives Today

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Conquerors Blade Expansion: Blood of the Empire, Arrives Today

Conqueror’s Blade developer Booming games has been hard at work on their newest Ottoman-inspired expansion, Blood of the Empires. Players can expect a new server, new maps, and new units as some of the additions with this new expansion. Check out the official release trailer now!

In Conqueror’s Blade Seasion IV: Blood of the Empires the army of the Anadolou Empire, led by Sultan Fatih Suleyman IV, have amassed to march on Conqueror’s City. Check out the short list of features players will have access to.

  • 2 NEW BATTLEFIELDS: Now available in Siege Battle rotation, the nigh-impregnable fortress city of Reginopolis has stood the test of time, but may yet fall to more determined warlords… Coming on August 18, engage in Field Battles By Land and Sea as the Sultan’s focus shifts to seizing golden bays and harbours.
  • 4 UNLOCKABLE UNITS: 3-Star Janissaries (Available July 21) (Musketeers), 4-Star Azaps (Available August 4) (Armed with a kilij-type sword and a small buckler), 5-Star Siladhars (Available August 18) (halberdiers ), 4.5-Star Sipahis (Available September 1) (A heavy cavalry armed with steel maces and clad in plate armor)
  • SEASON-EXCLUSIVE REWARDS: The Season IV Battle Pass is the key to amazing rewards, including cosmetics that can only be obtained during Season IV. Players instantly unlock the intimidating Baltadji's Hero Attire at level 1, and can strive for the valiant Chorbaji's Hero Attire at level 100. The seasonal currency Hero Tokens can be earned from the Battle Pass and spent on 11 graceful, ornate weapon skins in the Seasonal Store, inspired by the storied history and culture of the Anadolou Empire.
  • New to Conqueror’s Blade, Emotes can now be used to express victory, defeat, and everything in between! Special character animations like Applaud, Flex, Laugh, and Cry can be unlocked as free and premium rewards from the Battle Pass starting today.

We originally reported on Conqueror’s Blade’s imminent Season IV release last month. After celebrating a recent anniversary celebration for Conqueror’s Blade, Booming Games has continued to show constant improvements with each new content update.


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