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Community-Made Outposts Show the Power of Creation

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Community-Made Outposts Show the Power of Creation

Novaquark has released a brand new trailer to showcase some of the amazing things players have created in the voxel-based MMO, Dual Universe. Players have taken part in creating a variety of outposts to show off the proprietary voxel engine that is as simple or as complex as a player has time and inclination for.

At a simple level, players can place and manipulate fully editable blocks that come in all shapes and sizes as they build canyon-filling cities or spaceship fleets. For players who want to get a little more granular, this voxel engine allows them to terraform at will, carving away at a planet’s surface, and digging complex cave systems that could one day house an organization’s base of operations.

Whether they’re building a single structure on a small scale or working together to forge an entirely new civilization on a massive scale, Dual Universe’s tools empower players to build however they want. Novaquark simply sets the rules and establishes the universe, but everything that grows, falls, is rebuilt, and shared within this universe is and will always be a community-constructed endeavor.

Learn more on the Dual Universe site.


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