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Cinematic Launch Trailer Sets the Stage for May 5th

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Cinematic Launch Trailer Sets the Stage for May 5th

May 5th is just around the corner and the Darkfall: Rise of Agon folks want to get fans and players pumped for the big day. To do so, a new launch trailer has been released, as well as a detailed look at changes coming to DF:RoA for the May 5th launch.

Throughout our pre-launch development phases there were over 22 patches implemented into the game. The focus has been on addressing many of the core issues that remained from Darkfall Online along with enhancing and expanding on various aspects of the game. We put together a new webpage that has all of our patch notes compiled that you can read here.

The blog also gives a bit of information about the in-game shop, legend pack owner name reservation and a call to arms from Big Picture Games.

It's been a wild journey so far! Will you be playing?

Thanks for the find, Grumbagz! Check out this forum thread for the discussion!


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