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Chronicles of Elyria Is Releasing A Stand-Alone Kingdoms Of Elyria Product, Per New Video

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Chronicles of Elyria Is Releasing A Stand-Alone Kingdoms Of Elyria Product, Per New Video

In the latest Inside Chronicles of Elyria video series, Soulbound Studios broke down with the team behind the MMO is working on, detailing the Kingdoms of Elyria management sim being released to backers.

In the video, Jeromy Walsh, CEO of Soulbound Studios, broke down the stand-alone product, talking about the fact that the management sim was always a part of the grand plan for the whole of the MMORPG.

"From the beginning, Chronicles of Elyria was designed to provide different player experiences depending upon your interests. While everyone who plays begins life in a settlement, many of you will go on to create your own. For those that do, CoE seamlessly blends an MMORPG with a colony or settlement sim," Walsh says in the video.

As such, Kingdoms of Elyria was shown off in the video, being released a fully-fledged, stand alone product Soulbound is delivering to all backers at the Elyrian pledge level and above. Walsh also stresses in the video that development on Kingdoms doesn't stop or negatively affect development on CoE proper, instead stating that they are one in the same. Walsh says that the engineering work and "design decisions feed direclty into CoE's future development and is a necessary step in bringing both sides of the game together."

The video goes on to detail some what players might expect from the colony management sim, such as consequences for NPCs in your kingdom dying, as well as dying without an heir. Kingdoms of Elyria is being planned to be released in four stages as well, with the first stage being planned for "late this year." 

The full video is up on the Chronicles of Elyria YouTube channel, and as with previous videos, comments on the latest episode are turned off. 

This news in the February edition of the "Inside" series is set amongst the backdrop of the official legal complaint being filed by those suing both Souldbound Studios and Xsolla for refunds after Chronciles of Elyria studio Soulbound Studios was shuttered last year, only to be announced it wasn't actually closed a few weeks later.  


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