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Check out Pantheons November Roundtable - All About the Environment

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Steven Weber Posted:
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Check out Pantheons November Roundtable - All About the Environment

If you missed the latest Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen developer roundtable,  you'll want to be sure you check it out on the official YouTube channel, as it has over an hour of information about the environment in Pantheon with Senior Environmental Artist Jimmy Lane.

Visionary Realms’ roundtable was as lengthy and informative as ever, and is far too long to break down here, but Jimmy Lane explains in great detail how their design decisions affect not just the aesthetics of the game, but also how the game plays, and the challenges the team faces to ensure players aren’t falling through the world.

Lane also answers several questions from the community, and provides the underlying drive to how and why they create what they do. It’s certainly well worth the listen if you’re a Pantheon fan looking for your next morsel of information.  You can also check out the previous developer roundtable, and the last producer’s letter that outlined their testing schedule for the month of December.


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