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Check Out Blade & Soul 2's Combat In Action In New Trailer

New footage of in-game combat

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Check Out Blade & Soul 2's Combat In Action In New Trailer

NCSoft revealed new comabt footage of its upcoming MMO, Blade & Soul 2, on its YouTube channel, giving an in-game look at the combat.

The new trailer shows a few different styles of combat, such as high-flying gauntlet user, an outrageously nimble force caster, as well as the comically large great-axe being swung around with ease. The trailer showcases each style solo, though it ends with the different users teaming up on a large foe to bring it down with ease. Also shown are a flashy sword user and the agile bow-weilder, dealing damage at a distance. It's flashy, over-the-top, and everything we've come to expect from NCSoft's MMOs. 

You can check out the full trailer in the embed above. Earlier this month, advance reservations began for Blade & Soul 2 for Korean players on both PC and Mobile, so if you're in North America you'll be waiting a bit longer to check out this MMO in action. You can also check out the mobile gamplay revealed earlier this month in the Google Play trailer for the MMO, here.


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