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Character Creation in Eden Falling, a Perma-Death RPG

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Character Creation in Eden Falling, a Perma-Death RPG

It's been awhile since we've heard from Razor Edge Games and about Eden Falling. However, that has changed with the released of a brand new video that shows off the "work-in-progress" covering character creation. The video provides a look at the robust number of options that players will have at their disposal to create the character that perfectly represents them.

Character Creation Features

  • Character Presets-Choose from a variety of unique pre created characters options. 
  • In depth and easy to use mouse click and pull customization of facial and body features.
  • Color Blend Sub Shade System-Used to create the exact eye shade, hair color, and skin tone of your character.
  • Voice Customization-Create a personalized voice for your character through a variety of voice and tone options.
  • Choose from an assortment of unique hairstyles.
  • From gas masks to dresses choose from a large range of equipment.
  • Stat System-Customize a mixture of stats that will influence your abilities and appearance.
  • Aging System-Characters will show signs of visible aging as you explore Eden Falling.
  • Perma-Death-The wrong decisions will lead to a permanent death for that character.
  • Legacy System-Upon Perma-Death pass on abilities learned to a companion and continue the journey.

You can learn more about Eden Falling on its official site or on our Eden Falling portal.


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