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Bring Guns to a Swordfight in New Medieval Warfare Sim Kingmakers

Casey Bell Posted:
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Bring Guns to a Swordfight in New Medieval Warfare Sim Kingmakers

Ever wanted to bring some guns to a swordfight? Well, Redemption Road Games and tinyBuild are allowing players to do just that with Kingmakers.

In Kingmakers, players take on the role of an elite task force operative who’s been sent back in time 500 years to medieval England in an attempt to alter history away from an apocalyptic future. Imagine Terminator crossed with Chivalry and you’ve got Kingmakers.

Unlike Chivalry, the goal isn’t to sling arrows at your ones or defeat them in close combat. Instead, players will be able to leverage everything from assault rifles to air strikes in battles that Redemption Road Games say are real-time simulations with thousands of soldiers fighting at once. The developer is touting the “next-gen multi-threadeded AI” that is in charge of each soldier’s “decision making, pathfinding and loyalty.”

Players can switch back and forth between fighting in combat and issuing orders to their armies at any time, including the ability to allocate different types of units and build fortifications. The game also features solo or co-operative online play for up to three other players.

Kingmakers is slated to release sometime this year.


Casey Bell