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Book of Travels Delays Early Access To August 30th, Releases New Reveal Trailer

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Book of Travels Delays Early Access To August 30th, Releases New Reveal Trailer

Book of Travels was slated to hit its early access date on August 9th, however the team has delayed the TMORPG till August 30th. In the meantime, the team behind the Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG did release a new trailer to hopefully get players ready for the early access when it finally does hit.

Citing a desire to use that extra time to "make sure the upcoming build matches the team's vision," the delay was announced via a press release this morning. This is actually the third time the early access release has been pushed back, though creative director Jakob Tuchten states via the release that "quality is the deadline" for Book of Travels.

"Quality is the Deadline. Right now we’re in a good place, but the fine-tuning we’ll do in these extra three weeks will ensure that the depth of the gameworld meets our ambitions, the same ambitions we’ve outlined to our backers and community. Quality is and has always been our only goal, and we have faith in our community and hope that they’ll understand that the result will be better with the wait."

Book of Travels is an upcoming indie online RPG, dubbed a Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG by developer Might and Delight. The TMOPRG is a "new take on the classic MMO," with players traversing its sparsely populated game world. The team released some new screenshots to give a glimpse into the progress of the Kickstarted TMORPG, as well as a new trailer to highlight the game in light of the delay.


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