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Book of Travels Breaks Down Its Cooperative Play In New Video

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Book of Travels Breaks Down Its Cooperative Play In New Video

Tiny MORPG Book of Travels is gearing up for its August 30th early access release, and this week sees the release of a new video which breaks down the Endeavour system in the upcoming RPG.

The video, which features Lead Programmer Jens Berglind, breaks down what are called Endeavoirs, which are a series of cooperative tasks which give rewards to those who choose to engage in them. These tasks aren't meant to be stressful or urgent, rather something players can do at their pace to reap the rewards.

"The Endeavour si the heart of our online cooperation," Berglind states in the video. "It's different challenges that you often need other people to help you with. We have been thinking a lot about the tone of Endeavours that it can't sort of b urgent or stressful things because that would break the tone of the game, but instead, it's things that you can leave alone if you want, and then you'll just be rewarded for engaging with them."

The different Endeavours break down into four varieties: physical, mystical, social and mechanical. The different types require players to accomplish different goals, such as physical seeing players clear away rubble, or mystical requiring one to pray at a shrine. Mechanical Endeavours can include needing to "pry open a lock box" to get some parts, and social Endeavours are about influencing the behavior or NPCs. 

You can check out the full video in the embed above.


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