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Bluehole's Elyon Showcases New Greatsword-Wielding Slayer Class In New Video

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Bluehole's Elyon Showcases New Greatsword-Wielding Slayer Class In New Video

Elyon, the MMO formerly known simply as Ascent: Infinite Realm, released a new video showcasing one of the classes just added to the Korean MMORPG. The Slayer class, which wields a massive two-handed sword that would put Cloud's Buster Sword to shame, "sheds his own blood to bring down his enemies" according to Bluehole.

The video shows the Slayer swinging the giant sword with relative ease, bringing it to bear against monstrous creatures. Slashing, twirling, and drawing upon his power (I.E. blood in this case it seems) to reign down upon his enemies, the Slayer looks as flashy as everything else we've come to expect from Elyon, especially after the GStar gameplay showcased last November. 

We still don't know when Elyon will hit in the West, hopefully this year, but we'll have to wait and see. For now, you can check out the class in action in the embed above, as well as speculate as to the eventual Western release as the game set up its English-language site last December.


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