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Blizzard Entertainment Celebrates 30 Years With New Video Showcasing Iconic Moments From Its Library

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Blizzard Entertainment Celebrates 30 Years With New Video Showcasing Iconic Moments From Its Library

Blizzard Entertainment, one of the largest game companies out there and creators of some of of the most memorable gamesin the industry, is celebrating 30 years this month. To commemorate, the company posted a new video to their social media, showcasing moments from their extensive library.

The new video shows highlights from World of WarcraftOverwatch and more, showcasing the range of properties many have grown up playing the last 30 years. The theme of the video is "Home," with the company defining it as a place where "we get lost, where we live our wildest lives. Where our people await us, joining together, and in the end, finding ourselves."

It's a fitting theme, as for many players throughout the years, Azeroth, possibly Blizzard's most popular game world, has been like a second home. Getting lost in an MMO with friends, playing a match of Starcraft back in the early days, or healing your team for no credit in Overwatch, Blizzard is trying to hearken back to those feelings of belonging and home in its 30 year video here.

It also leads up to this month's BlizzConline, with the festivities starting on February 19th through the 20th, bringing players digitally to the event for free. The two day event will host panels and fan contests like traditional Blizzcon would normally, only this year it's not hidden behind the normal paywall.   


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