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Bless Unleashed's Head Start Access Makes Its Way To PlayStation 4 Today

Fall Content Coming To PS4 and Xbox One

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Bless Unleashed's Head Start Access Makes Its Way To PlayStation 4 Today

For players on PlayStation eager to hop into Namco's MMORPG, Bless Unleashed, head start access has come your way. A full 14 days before the official release on October 22nd, players can hop into Bless Unleashed today, assuming you shelled out for the Ultimate Founder's Pack.

If you didn't grab the Utimate pack,  burt rather the Exalted pack, you'll be able to start up on October 12th, while players who bought the Deluxe Founder's Pack will be waiting until October 15th. Addiontionally, players both on Xbox and PlayStation 4 will see the Fall Update launch today as well, bringing with it a new level 30 Arena Challenege, the Stormbringer. 

Via a press release:

Also launching today for Bless Unleashed is the new Fall Update on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Featured in this update is a new level 30 Arena Challenge, the Stormbringer, this exciting new Arena Challenge is available to groups of two players level 30 or above. Additionally, the Dreamscale Ruins: Halls of the Eclipse gets the Abyssal treatment in Bless Unleashed! Players may have faced the Halls of the Eclipse before, but this new Abyssal Dungeon increases the challenge and difficulty while also increasing the rewards players can earn.

Also coming with the Fall Update are changes to Gear Score for level 30-32 dungeon monsters, new Union Exclusive Teleposts, and more. You can read the full patch notes on Bless' siteBless Unleashed launched earlier this year on Xbox One and will be launching on October 22nd for PlayStation 4. We reviewed the Xbox version earlier this year, and while we wanted to know more about the world, the tiresome grind and incredible amount of bugs put us off really enjoying the experience fully. 


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