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Bless Unleashed Headed to PS4 - Closed Beta Begins August 20th

In the Name of the Xbox, PS4, and the Holy PC

Steven Weber Posted:
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Bless Unleashed Headed to PS4 - Closed Beta Begins August 20th

Bless Unleashed is making its way over to the Playstation 4. To get everything ironed out, a closed beta will begin August 20th, at 10AM PDT, and keys are being given away after you register on Bandai Namco’s website.

If you haven’t had the chance to play Bless Unleashed because you have a Playstation 4, you calm yourself right down, as the game has been announced to be heading to the Playstation 4, "Soon". The announcement came in the form of both a video, and an accompanying tweet from the Bless Unleashed official twitter.

Many people confuse Bless Unleashed with the, now defunct, PC MMO, Bless Online which shutdown back in 2019. Bless Unleashed is a brand-new game that utilizes the same Bless Universe but with a much different story. The game started on the Xbox, and in true Bless fashion, plans to make its rounds to other platforms. If you are wondering if whether you should give Bless Unleashed a go, our Editor Joseph Bradford gave the game a good prodding in our Bless Unleashed review. If PC players are feeling a little left out, knock it off, as Bless Unleashed is also slated for PC in 2021.


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