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Blade & Soul Teases Their 14th Class - A Dual Blade Wielder

Steven Weber Posted:
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Blade & Soul Teases Their 14th Class - A Dual Blade Wielder

In a short video depicting a new dual-blade wielding character for Blade & Soul, NC Soft has  officially announced the upcoming release of their 14th class. Apart from the inclusion of dual blades, not much else was detailed in the video, but some information has been divulged on the on the official Blade & Soul website as part of the Revival update.

NC’s trailer showcases a quick and lethal dual-blade wielder. According to the trailer, details related to the class are subject to change, but on the official Revival site, the Dual-Blades class will have two distinct specializations, one related to unrelenting attacks in quick succession, and the other specializing on the energy of your blades.

Blade & Soul’s migration to Unreal Engine 4 as part of the Revival update is just part of the upcoming changes that players can expect. The underlying engine upgrade will improve performance, update visuals, and reduce load times, but there are plenty of additional fixes and features headed to the game.

Here is a short list of features that will be rolled out alongside the Blade & Soul Revival update:

  • Engine updated to UE4
  • Update Combat UI
  • New Class – Dual Blades
  • Updated Combat Systems (Battle Response)
  • Updated Dungeon Difficulties
  • Updates and Balancing for Existing Classes
  • The Addition of Act XI Part 2 (Story)
  • Changes to Equipment, Including Mythical Gear

NC also touched on new subscription types, which will allow players to earn more rewards as they play, similar to a battle pass.

Currently, players can purchase growth materials directly to enhance their character’s progress. However, this does not encourage players to engage with content.

In light of this, we plan to introduce a new Pass with future updates. This will act as a ‘Subscription type’ model that allows players to gain benefits as they play. Players will still be able to purchase direct items if they wish, but this should offer a more immersive option."

-NCSoft Blade & Soul Official Revival Site

Currently, the Revival update is scheduled for Q3 of 2021, barring any additional delays, as Revival is shaping up to be one of the largest updates to hit Blade & Soul ever.


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