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Black Desert's Sage Class Coming To PC On March 17th, Consoles March 31st

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Black Desert's Sage Class Coming To PC On March 17th, Consoles March 31st

Black Desert's PC and Console versions are readying up for a new class set to hit the MMORPG this month, bringing the explosive Sage class to the roster of characters for the MMO.

The Sage, which will release on console versions March 31st, while Black Desert Online Remastered players will see it a bit sooner, coming March 17th, weilds an ancient weapon called the Kyve with devastating effect, as seen in the trailer.

From the press release:

"Armed with the cube-shaped Kyve, an ancient, god-defying weapon, Sage can open rifts in space, calling on Ator’s Fist and a range of offensive spells to smite his foes. He can control time to reduce the cooldown of specific skills, giving himself and his allies a strategic upper hand. Sage is also the only class that can access Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple without any entry items."

The Sage himself is an astrologer from an "ancient civilization." The Sage, with a mind towards protecting the world of Black Desert, created Atoraxxion, the new dungeon recently showcased as part of the 5-year anniversary of Black Desert in the West. 

The developers showcased the Sage in a recent commentary video, givng a glimpse into how the Sage operations in Black Desert. Using the Kyve, the Sage seemingly can distort the space around him, using explosive attacks like Spatial Collapse, which opens a rift above an area and collapses it down on the heads of enemies in front of him.

Check out the full trailer, emebeded above, as well as the dev commentary video, which we've embeded below.


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