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Black Deserts Popular Nova Class Gets Awakening and Succession Skills

The Awakening Awakens

Steven Weber Posted:
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Black Deserts Popular Nova Class Gets Awakening and Succession Skills

Pearl Abyss has updated Black Desert on PC and Consoles with new events and the release of the Nova’s Awakening and Succession skills. PC players can also claim a New Year’s Gift with a coupon code by January 20th.

The Nova has been a pretty popular class since its release, and now players can obtain her Awakening and Succession skills. Patches have rolled out on both PC and all current and last gen consoles. There are also new events available depending on your platform. You can find more information below:

For PC:

  • The Awakening and Succession for Nova will be available.
  • Season server exclusive content Ancient Weapon Invasion will be added.
  • Season-exclusive Red Battlefield will be added.
  • Level Up Nova Again! event will start.

Claim a New Year’s Reward on PC:

Claim before January 20, 2021 (23:59 UTC).

Redeem Code: BDOHPNY

  • Web: https://bit.ly/bdoredeem
  • Steam: Menu (Esc) > Community > Redeem

For Consoles:

  • Awakening and Succession for Nova, the true queen of thorns, have been released.
  • Added quest [Valencia] Dawn of a New Age where you can obtain a Pearl outfit (7 Days) for Nova.
  • Increased the efficiency of Devour when using it on PRI (I) - TET (IV) enhancement level gear.

Console Reward - Claim before January 20, 2021

Redeem Code: 2021-GIFT-FROM-JJJJ

You can read more about the Nova’s new Awakening and Succession skills on the official site as well.


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